About Piggy Farm

At Piggy Farm trading we specialize in large scale White Pigs husbandry, selling of livestock and commercial farming. We practice binary-business models by practicing both traditional, and Metaverse farming to unlock long term partnership with our customers. Which fuels our company zeal and motivates its growth and attribution to socio-economic-empowerment of all our customers.

Our main focus is generating substantial revenue by creating an inclusive agricultural-livestock economy. Which transforms ordinary buyers to partners by allowing them to buy into our virtual farming business method .Accessible through our cutting-edge Metaverse farming business model. We provide risk free service that guarantees uninterrupted revenue attainment to all customers.

Our Goal

To digitize and modernize agricultural farming by utilization of modern technology in facilitating productivity and maximizing profit margins. Plus, to increase partnership through allowing ordinary customers to take part in benefiting from the modern commercial farming economy.


To transform farming to an inclusive agricultural business industry, and to create jobs and business partnership/s that pays and generate substantial and satisfactory income to employees and partner customers. Plus, to be amongst the best role players in commercial-agricultural-farming. That will grow exponentially within and across South African borders. While living a ma

Company Inception

Piggy farm trading is the brainchild of three young agricultural entrepreneurs, namely: Mthokozisi, Sphamandla and Siyabonga Ngcobo, based in Molweni in the vicinity of Hillcrest (KZN). The company was originally established in 2021 during the midst of the harsh Covid 19 period. Established for the purpose of giving hope and to assist in economical restoration and job creation for the despondent communities. Due to changes of time and acceleration of mass utilization of the fourth industrial technology in the business world. The company innovated a combination of traditional and digital farming, which resulted in the 2022 introduction of Metaverse Piggy farm which has gradually grown to a trusted entity, that we formally implemented earlier in 2023.

Our Approach

Artificial Insemination:

The pig breeding method we prefer for large scale white farm pig reproduction, and ensuring safety and continuity of our production processes. While being ascertain of abiding by ethical health codes of animal husbandry that recognizes the importance of safe pork consumption by our consumers.

Job Creation

Piggy Farm Trading is committed to the creation of new job opportunities. We believe that our focus on modern pig farming, coupled with our commitment to innovation, can drive progress and promote economic growth in our community.

Board Members

Our friendly team is always available to assist you!